Business areas

Energy and environment: New lending in the energy and environmental business area totalled EUR 710 million. Projects relating to energy generation included hydropower, biomass and waste-to-energy plants. The energy distribution area comprised projects related to electricity network improvement, new metering as well as gas pipelines. The Bank also financed energy efficiency measures relating to housing renovation.

In the pollution abatement field, loans were agreed for the financing of two new wastewater treatment facilities.




Infrastructure, transportation and telecom: The agreed loans in these business sectors were EUR 823 million in 2015.

The major part of the lending was provided for transport investments. The Bank participated in the financing of projects for road construction, railway infrastructure and rolling stock, and enlargement of airports.

Another important segment was investments in infrastructure for education and research, exemplified by the advanced research facility MAX-lab IV with Lunds University in Sweden.

The Bank also financed improved water supply infrastructure.

Industries and services: Total lending within Industries and Services was EUR 996 million.

Most loans in this sector were provided to finance research and development projects with Nordic corporates, a priority field for NIB because of the importance of the innovation process for the competitiveness of the member country economies.

Another major segment was financing corporate acquisitions. In addition, loans were made to finance expansion investments.

Financial institutions and SMEs: The total amount for this sector category was EUR 301 million.

Within financial institutions and SMEs, NIB provides financing to banks and other financial institutions for on-lending to their clients. This enables NIB to reach out to smaller counterparts and/or projects that the Bank cannot finance directly. The main target is the SME sector and environmental projects, including renewable energy. In 2015, all except one loan were made for this purpose to member country banks and financial institutions.

In addition, the Bank provided financing through a Brazilian development bank to support a pulp and paper mill investment with substantial participation from NIB’s member countries.

Loans agreed in 2015

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Business area distribution

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