Loans agreed 2015

Valmet Corporation (Finland)R&D investment programme, 2014–2017.Industries and services
Nokianvirran Energia Oy (Finland)Construction of a combined heat and steam plant in Nokia, Finland.Energy and environment
NKT Holding A/S (Denmark)R&D investment programme, 2014–2018.Industries and services
SEB Leasing Oy (Finland)Lease of equipment for a waste-to-energy plant in Vantaa, Finland.Energy and environment
Vantaan Energia Oy (Finland)Construction of a new waste-to-energy plant in Vantaa, Finland.Energy and environment
DLF-Trifolium A/S (Denmark)R&D investment programme in plant breeding and biotechnology innovations.Industries and services
Republic of LithuaniaImprovement of energy efficiency and renovation of public and residential buildings in Lithuania.Energy and environment
Lyse AS (Norway)Construction of a hydropower plant in southern Norway.Energy and environment
Chr. Hansen Holding A/S (Denmark)R&D investment programme in bioengineering and new product development.Industries and services
Avinor AS (Norway)Construction of a terminal at Bergen Airport in Norway.Infrastructure, transportation and telecom
Tieyhtiö Vaalimaa Oy (Finland)Extension of the E18 motorway from Hamina to Vaalimaa, Finland.Infrastructure, transportation and telecom
Rovaseudun Markkinakiinteistöt Oy (Finland)Construction of a multipurpose education facility in Rovaniemi, northern Finland.Infrastructure, transportation and telecom
City of Rovaniemi (Finland)Expansion of municipal infrastructure and upgrading of street lights in Rovaniemi, Finland.Infrastructure, transportation and telecom
City of Vantaa (Finland)Construction of the Ring Rail Line connection to Helsinki Airport, Finland.Infrastructure, transportation and telecom
Schibsted ASA (Norway)Financing Schibsted’s digital development.Industries and services
Norrvatten (Sweden)Expansion of water supply network in Norrtälje, Sweden.Infrastructure, transportation and telecom
Suomen Hypoteekkiyhdistys (Finland)Loan programme for environmental investments in Finnish residential buildings.Financial institutions and SMEs
Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (Brazil)Construction of a greenfield pulp mill in Brazil.Financial institutions and SMEs
Lidl Suomi Ky (Finland)Expansion and upgrading of the Lidl store network in Finland, 2015–2017.Industries and services
Lidl Sverige KB (Sweden)Expansion and upgrading of the Lidl store network in Sweden, 2015–2017.Industries and services
Wärtsilä Corporation (Finland)Acquisition of the electronic maritime supplier L-3 Marine Systems International, Germany.Industries and services
Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation Ltd (Finland)Loan programme for onlending to projects in Finnfund’s target countries complying with NIB’s mandate.Financial institutions and SMEs
Amber Grid AB (Lithuania)Construction of a gas transmission pipeline from Klaipeda to Kuršenai, Lithuania.Energy and environment
SJ AB (Sweden)Upgrade of 36 sets of X2000 trains.Infrastructure, transportation and telecom
Fastighets AB ML 4 (Sweden)Construction of a synchrotron radiation laboratory in Lund, Sweden.Infrastructure, transportation and telecom
Elkem AS (Norway)Refurbishing of three silicon smelter furnaces and financing of R&D investments, 2015–2018.Industries and services
Fiskars Corporation (Finland)Acquisition of the WWRD group of companies.Industries and services
Byggðastofnun (Icelandic Regional Development Institute) (Iceland)Loan programme for SMEs in Iceland.Financial institutions and SMEs
Oma Säästöpankki Oyj (Finland)Loan programme for SMEs and environmental projects in Finland.Financial institutions and SMEs
Vegfinans E134 Buskerud AS (Norway)Construction of a new E134 motorway connection in Buskerud County, Norway.Infrastructure, transportation and telecom
Jönköpings Rådhus AB (Sweden)Construction of a heat energy plant and an optical fibre cable network in Jönköping, Sweden.Energy and environment
Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkö Oy (Finland)Replacing overhead electric power cables with underground cables and renewing transformer substations in eastern Finland.Energy and environment
Westra Wermlands Sparbank (Sweden)Loan programme for SMEs and environmental projects in western Sweden.Financial institutions and SMEs
BillerudKorsnäs Aktiebolag (Sweden)R&D, innovation and product development programme, 2015–2019.Industries and services
Lantmännen ekonomisk förening (Sweden)Financing of the acquisition of the Finnish bakery operator Vaasan Group.Industries and services
Hafslund ASA (Norway)Financing of investment in smart meters as part of a national programme in Norway.Energy and environment
Helsingin Seudun Ympäristöpalvelut (Finland)Construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Espoo, Finland.Energy and environment
City of Mikkeli (Finland)Construction of a new underground wastewater treatment plant in Mikkeli, Finland.Energy and environment
Ringkjøbing Landbobank A/S (Denmark)Loan programme for SMEs and environmental projects in Denmark.Financial institutions and SMEs
William Demant Holding A/S (Denmark)R&D investment programme for hearing technology, 2015–2016Industries and services
Scania CV AB (Sweden)Development of next-generation vehicles.Industries and services
Landsbankinn hf. (Iceland)Loan programme for onlending to SMEs and environmental projects in Iceland.Financial institutions and SMEs
AB Lietuvos geležinkeliai (Lithuania)Modernisation of Trans-European rail corridors in Lithuania.Infrastructure, transportation and telecom
Finavia Corp. (Finland)Expansion of Helsinki Airport, Finland.Infrastructure, transportation and telecom
Ikano Bank AB (Sweden)Loan programme for SMEs through leasing operation in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.Financial institutions and SMEs