Other activities

As part of the Investment Plan for Europe launched by the European Union, a special financial facility, the European Fund for Strategic Investments, has been set up within the European Investment Bank. NIB is in dialogue with EIB on how to support projects that would qualify for the plan in NIB’s membership countries.

In the framework of the Northern Dimension, NIB participates in the Environmental Partnership (NDEP) as lead bank for a number of projects under implementation. The purpose of NDEP is to support the financing of environmental projects with cross-border effects in the Baltic Sea region, the Barents region and Northwest Russia. Projects approved for NDEP can obtain grants from the NDEP support fund, which are blended with loans.

Furthermore, NIB is engaged in the Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics (NDPTL), which is hosted by NIB. The purpose of this partnership is to enhance regional cooperation and support the implementation of transport infrastructure and logistics projects. Through the NDPTL Support Fund, grant assistance can be provided for project preparation.

Strategy review

In 2015, the Bank completed a comprehensive review of its operating strategy. The key conclusion of the review was that the present business model will remain the foundation of the Bank’s activities.

Within ongoing business, increased attention will be paid to opportunities related to member country integration, investments in the Baltic countries and Arctic region projects.

Additionally, in order to have flexibility and stay relevant in the future, a number of complementary new products and associated measures will be introduced.

An important effort in this respect is to further develop the lending to mid-sized corporates and SMEs. Special frameworks for this have been decided upon. SME lending will be conducted in cooperation with local banks and financial institutions; lending to midcaps will be direct.

Another initiative is to increase the Bank’s lending to non-member countries in support of projects that benefit the economic development of the Nordic-Baltic region.

The Bank will also enhance its efforts to identify bankable projects in the environmental sphere. The development will be based on identified needs and the value added for the member country environment and economies.