Our environmental footprint

NIB works proactively and continuously to improve its environmental management system.

The Bank has implemented several improvements to be continued on a permanent basis in its internal operations and human resources management. Examples of these are health, safety and applying best practices in environmental management.

In 2015, NIB initiated a renovation project in its premises in Helsinki. The first phase included the refurbishing of one floor of one wing of the building in accordance with BREEAM certification requirements for environmentally friendly buildings. The aim is to continue the renovation programme in line with BREEAM.

The Bank is a member of the Green Office programme of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The programme motivates staff to act in an environmentally friendly way in their everyday tasks and improves not only environmental awareness but also cost efficiency.

The bank purchases the electricity needed for its premises from clean and renewable energy sources. Since 2014, our energy source has been 100% wind energy. The origin is guaranteed by the European Energy Certificate System (EECS).

NIB also buys cleaning and recycling services certified by the official Nordic Ecolabel (the “Swan”) introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

In order to encourage the use of public transport among NIB’s personnel, the Bank offers commuter benefit coupons. In 2015 the number of staff members using the coupons was 143.

A paperless office is not a target, but staffs are continuously encouraged to save paper. Double-sided copying and printing is today standard within the office, and the idea of “think before you print” has become well established throughout the office. All these small efforts have contributed to a reduction in paper consumption.

NIB’s direct environmental impact: