NIB is making targeted efforts to improve its environmental management system. All changes implemented are in accordance with best practices and are permanent. They cover matters of internal operations and human resource management, including equal opportunity, work–life balance, health and safety.

NIB is currently refurbishing its premises in accordance with the BREEAM certification requirements for environmentally-friendly buildings. The refurbishment will take place over a multi-year period.

Further, the Bank is a member of WWF’s Green Office programme. The programme aims to motivate staff to act in an environmentally conscious way in their everyday tasks and to improve both environmental awareness and cost efficiency. 

A certified Green Office is audited every three years to verify its compliance with the programme’s criteria. The audit process includes an office inspection as well as an interview to review the actions taken over the past three years.  In addition, notes on possible future improvements are given. In 2016, NIB was awarded the use of the Green Office logo for the next three years.

The Bank’s key ecological indicators are presented in the table below. 

NIB purchases the electricity needed for its premises from clean and renewable energy sources. Our energy source is 100% wind energy. The origin is guaranteed by the European Energy Certificate System (EECS).

NIB also buys cleaning and recycling services certified by the official Nordic Eco label, the swan, introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

In order to encourage the use of public transport among NIB personnel, the Bank offers commuter benefit coupons. The number of staff members using the coupons was 140 in 2016.

NIB has appropriate waste management and waste handling procedures for sorting its main types of waste: energy, mixed, bio, cardboard, metal, glass and hazardous waste, including electronic waste and ink cartridges. All waste fractions are recycled. In connection with the refurbishment project, a substantial part of old furniture is reused.

NIB’s direct environmental impact:

NIB’s direct environmental impact: